Dave’s Blog 2.20.15

Dave's blog pictureMy marketing director, Sharon Musselman, encouraged me to start “blogging” some of my thoughts and/or up-to-date information that would be interesting and relevant.  It has taken me a while to get over my resistance to blogging since the word itself sounds like some sort of intestinal ailment.  I would like to mention three time-sensitive pieces of information that will hopefully make you want to continue to read my future blogs and help you:

  1. The Anthem Hacking: Unbelieveable! 80 million people’s files were hacked. If you have an LPL brokerage account, please contact my office. We will send a form to our back office alerting them to the fact you had Anthem so that they can be forewarned about a possible attempt on your account using stolen information. Remember, this is only for LPL brokerage accounts, not direct business; i.e., your shares are held at a mutual fund company (American Funds, Franklin Templeton, Vanguard, etc.) or you have an annuity product (Lincoln, Polaris, New York Life, etc.) You also may get some helpful ideas at: www.anthemfacts.com
  2. America Saves Week (February 24th-March 1st): www.americasavesweek.org. This site provides you some ideas to help you save for your retirement. Try and take advantage of this site to help you create a lifestyle that will allow you to save.
  3. Grandparent-Owned 529 College Savings Plans: Below you will find 2 links to sites which explain the various nuances of when 529 college savings plans are owned by grandparents. I found some very useful information, and I hope you do as well!

http://www.savingforcollege.com/grandparents/answer.php?grandparent_faq_id=10 https://www.aarpcollegesavings.com/do-529-college-savings-plans-affect-financial-aid So there you have it, my first blog. Not nearly as great as my first date with my wife or the first time I saw one of our children born, but not as bad as I thought it could have been either.  Please e-mail me with ideas or topics that could improve my future blogs.  As always, I appreciate your trust and business.  Without it, I would not have been blessed like I have been for the last 27 years in Logansport. Blog regards, Dave