April means taxes getting done and upcoming springtime fun!
April is the month for National Retirement Planning Week.  One story I tell about retirement planning involves the movie “Titanic.” Have you wasted, I mean watched, the 3 hours of Titanic? 6 hours? Oh well, do you remember the part of the movie where the two crew members are in the “Crow’s Nest?” They are on the lookout and all of a sudden they see the iceberg! They shout out and the order is given to turn the wheel, reverse the engines, everything IMAGINABLE. What happens?  They hit the iceberg. This is kind of like retirement planning. When you see your “Retirement” on the horizon (or closer), most likely no matter what you do you hit it ready or not. But just imagine if the Titanic had turned the wheel just a little bit 10 or even 5 miles from the iceberg. They would have missed it by miles. The same can be true in your retirement planning. Spend less now, save more (efficiently through a retirement plan or IRA if possible), and you just may get to your retirement “port” without having to be rescued by a lifeboat.
Here are some dates and websites for April-Financial Literacy Month:
Teach Your Pet Investment Basics Day, April 1, 2015
National Employees Benefits Day, April 2, 2015
Money Smart Week, April 18-25, 2015
National Retirement Planning Week, April 13-17, 2015 

Teach a Child to Save Day, April 24, 2015 http://www.aba.com/Engagent/pages/teachchildrentosave.aspx
A thousand mile journey starts with the first step.  This is true of investing, as well. There is so much information out there it may seem impossible to know where to turn. I suggest asking your friends, family and peers basic questions or find a reputable, long-standing member of your community investment professional your questions. The most important part is to GET STARTED NOW!
Have a great April, and remember, April starts with April Fool’s Day and there is absolutely no such day as “Teach Your Pet Investment Basics Day.”